Friday, July 27, 2012

Chief Brown: Rival drug dealer placed fake 911 call - FOX 4 News


Dallas police are busy investigating the 911 call that started the deadly chain of events in south Dallas Tuesday night.

Angry people spilled out onto Dixon Street Tuesday because James "G-Code" Harper was killed by police.

The reason Harper encountered police at the trap house on Bourquin Street â€" where guns and drugs were stored, sold and sometimes smoked â€" was because of the trap police believe was set.

A 911 caller told police five Latin males with guns had a black man with his hands tied and they were taking him into the home.

"We believe the 911 call was bogus, that there was no one being dragged with tied hands to that house," said Police Chief David Brown.

Chief Brown said his detectives now believe that drug dealers from a competitive family made the fake call for help so police would show up.

"And we tried to call that number back and it actually came back to another number not related to this area at all and a person that didn't speak English. And so we don't know how that was manipulated but we think it was bogus," he said.

Keith Bilbrey is a former police officer who now builds and maintains websites. He knows the technical tricks.

"There are websites out there where you can actually spoof your caller ID. You can go in and put in whatever number you want to put in, whatever name you want to put in and when the call is made that's what shows up on the caller ID," he said.

The other possibility is that whoever called 911 actually went into a cell phone store, got a new phone number issued to them and the old number was given to someone else before the police called back.

"Very easy to do if you got a phone that's got a SIM card. All you need to do is slip that SIM card out and slip it into another phone," Bilbrey said.

He believes it is very concerning that a bogus call that was likely easy to place ended in a deadly shooting and nearly a confrontation with a community on edge.

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