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Concert review: Tenacious D at Palladium Ballroom in Dallas (July 20) - Pegasus News

Next time the twosomes comes to Dallas, they need a bigger venue.

Tenacious D: Kyle Gass and Jack Black

Tenacious D: Kyle Gass and Jack Black

It’s been a decade since Tenacious D played Big D. The off-the-wall duo consisting of actor Jack Black and his side kick Kyle Gass broke their dry spell in Dallas with a sold-out show at the Palladium Ballroom in Dallas. Fans formed a long line down Lamar Street and were treated to a kick-ass show in pure Tenacious D fashion.

Picking up where The Pick of Destiny left off, the band’s newest musical offering, Rize of the Fenix, takes listeners along the band’s journey to becoming the greatest band in the world. There has been controversy with the release of the album because of its graphic depiction of a penis on the cover -- which many digital music retailers pixelated -- but that didn’t stop the band from showcasing a large, inflatable, unrated body part as the backdrop to their show, much to many fans’ delight.

Here is the pixelated version; see the real thing here.

Here is the pixelated version; see the real thing here.

Black took the Dallas crowd back in time: “Remember the Bronco Bowl? We rocked that shit to pieces! That’s why they closed,” he joked. Tenacious D has come a long way since their HBO series from 1999, and their “mock rock” performances have only gotten better, solidifying their cult status.

Black’s theatrics and comedic timing can’t be taught. But while most fans focused on Black, it was Gass’ nimble fingerpicking and spot on harmonies that is the band's backbone.

After a few new songs, the band performed tunes from their first and most loved album -- and fans went berserk. “Kielbasa,” “Wonderboy,” and “Tribute” brought the men of Tenacious D, along with their talented backing band, back to their roots as they showered faithful fans with gross humor.

But the real shower was yet to come. Tenacious D closed the first set with “Double Team,” a song about a sexual encounter with the band. As the final chord was struck, the giant inflatable phallus onstage was lowered and released a stream of white confetti on the audience. Yes.

The encore followed up with “Baby,” “Cosmic Shame,” and a full-on sing along of one of their most raunchy tunes, “Fuck Her Gently.” But the encore couldn’t top the unexpected confetti sperm, the evening's biggest talker.

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