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Crime numbers staggering in area around drug house on Bourquin - WFAA


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Posted on July 27, 2012 at 10:46 PM

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Police-involved shooting
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DALLAS - Crime numbers around the area where convicted drug dealer James Harper was shot and killed Tuesday afternoon are high.

Rosemary Hurst has lived on Bourquin Street for 51 years, just a few houses down from the drug house where an officer chased and killed Harper during a fight to arrest him.

Hurst said she's watched as criminals have slowly taken over her street.

"They stand on the corner all day long, and I know they are selling drugs," she said.

According to Dallas police, in 10 years in the area around Bourquin, there have been 91 murders, approximately 100 officers assaulted, more than 3,000 narcotics arrests, nearly 1,500 kilos of drugs seized ranging from cocaine to meth, 284 weapons seized and $400,000 in cash confiscated.

They're staggering numbers, considering the size of sector 310. It’s just a six-square mile area.

There's been strong criticism of the Dallas Police Department by some community activists, including the Reverend Ronald Wright, for the shooting of James Harper. News 8 asked the reverend what he thought of the numbers.

"We have to hold our own people accountable," Wright said. "You can't hold the white man accountable for this. This is our responsibility."

But Rev. Wright also said there's a mistrust of police officers in the community that dates back years, and that’s part of the reason people crowded the streets in protest.

"We see a disparity in treatment," Wright said. "In southern Dallas, they are treated one way verses the northern part of Dallas."

Rosemary Hurst doesn't feel that way. She told us she trusts the Dallas police to protect her.

Rev. Wright also said elected officials who represent the area need to do more to bring in businesses and help knock down abandoned houses that are sometimes taken over by drug dealers.


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