Sunday, July 8, 2012

High winds blamed on six deaths in North Texas in one week - 33 KDAF-TV

High winds blamed on six deaths in North Texas in one week

Dallas, Texasâ€"

Construction cranes can withstand a lot, but one on the UT Dallas campus in Richardson was no match for Mother Nature.

"It was maybe 30 or 40 mile an hour winds.  I didn't hear anything inside the building or anything but it was pretty bad", said student Erik Robinson.

The crane collapsed Saturday afternoon killing two workers.

Around the same time, a man on a paddle board in White Rock Lake fell was swept into the water and drowned.

"It started blowing really, really hard and we looked out to the water and that's when we saw the man collapse", said Bianca Holmes.

A boat on Lake Lewisville capsized and a person drowned in that accident as well.

In the same lake last Sunday brothers ages 15 and 17 drowned after a storm moved in and the brothers were not able to make it back to shore. The common thread in all these deaths -- the high winds.

Meteorologist with the National Weather Service say these pop up storms are often slow moving, but they create large amounts of cool air that comes rushing down to the ground.

"These winds, can spread out quite some distance from the storm themselves so that's what often catches folks off guard", said NWS Chief Meteorologist Tom Bradshaw.

He says people outside may be miles away from the center and not see the storm coming but they'll can still feel the winds.

"Anytime you have winds beyond 25 maybe 30 miles an hour I think you're going to see some waves some swells that can swamp your boat and turn it over", he said.

Bradshaw says you should always check the weather conditions before an outing at the lake or if you're outside working and recheck it. If you see a storm approaching, get to safety.

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