Saturday, July 21, 2012

Hot weather breaks record - FOX 4 News

Temperatures soared well over the century mark on Saturday - even breaking a record. The official high for the day topped out at 106-degrees. Restaurant patios on Dallas' Lower Greenville sat virtually empty; a stark contrast from typical weekends. The heat was simply too much for some to bear. Yet, that wasn't the case everywhere in North Texas.
There was no shortage of people willing to sweat it out under the sun's sweltering rays at the Farmers Market in Dallas.
"Wow, there's a lot of people. I didn't think everyone would be as crazy as me and get out in this heat," Jean Cunningham said.
Cunningham was spotted with a fan in one hand and a cold cola in the other, at the peak of the day's heat.
"I carry my fan everywhere I go," Cunningham said as she vigorously fanned herself. "It's blowing hot air, but it makes me think I'm cooling off anyway."
Fans weren't the only accessory we found on parched patrons. Many toted bottled water or anything cold. In some cases, ice cream cones were melting faster than the kids could eat them. Even the popular face painting booth couldn't sustain the sun's strength.

"The paints I use are all water-based, so if you have people sweating a lot, if there's a mister on, then things tend to run. But, we do our best," Genevra Collier with Amazing Faces said. 
Despite the oppressive heat, many said it's Texas, after all, and sizzling summers are to be expected.
"It's a beautiful day and this is Texas - it's summer," Carolyn Richards said.
"It is hot out here, but I'm a Texas girl and I'm used to it," musician McKenzie Best said.
A few brave souls dared to brave the triple-digit temperatures and sat outside, underneath misters. Remember, if you plan to spend a lot of time in the scorching heat, it's recommended to hydrate about every half hour. Doctors say if you wait to drink water when you're thirsty, then it's too late and you could be dehydrated.

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