Sunday, July 29, 2012

Missing Frisco children, mother found in Nevada - Celina Record

A Dallas woman who failed to return her two children to their father was arrested in Nevada on Friday after being missing two weeks.

Nicole Dobry and her two children, Sarah and Gavin Dobry, were found in Nevada on Friday; they had been reported missing on July 13. She was apprehended by U.S. Marshals in Las Vegas, Frisco police said.

The mother now faces two charges of interference with child custody, according to the Frisco Police Department. Sarah, 6, and Gavin, 2, are in the process of being reunited with their father, Frisco resident Christopher Dobry. Christopher Dobry was awarded primary custody of the children following his divorce from Nicole Dobry in April.

Police were previously concerned Nicole Dobry would attempt to flee the country with the children to Vietnam, her country of origin.

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