Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sign warns criminals they may be killed - FOX 4 News


A south Dallas man has gone to unusual lengths to tell criminals as clearly as he can to get out of his neighborhood.

Curtis Jones is not one to back down from a fight. So when prostitution, drugs and other crimes took over his Oak Cliff neighborhood he sent a message.

"Don't continue to come in because if you get caught you may get killed," he said.

Jones, a pistol-packing 64-year-old disabled Vietnam vet, has single handedly chased off criminals breaking into his storage business near the corner of Corinth and Morrell avenues.

Police reports show thefts at the business in January and again in April.

"If they will break in on you they'll kill you," he said.

He tried building a higher fence. And he's inquired about alarm systems.

But fed up he wrote a clear, bold and unmistakable message in red paint on a metal fence: "No bitches here. No tricking here. No stealing. Stay off property. Stay out. I will shoot to kill."

"I'm really trying to keep from killing somebody," he said.

Several of his neighbors agree that things are bad but don't agree with his methods.

"I've reported about the prostitution, the drug activity here. People are flying up and down. We have Johns come through here," said Debra Aguilar. "This just… this just looks bad."

Jones defended his sign. He said things have improved, although not as much as he'd like.

He's survived the jungles of Vietnam and now fights for the survival of his business. And he said he'll keep fighting one letter at a time.

The city of Dallas' code compliance department said it does not generally regulate the content of signs on private property.

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