Sunday, August 5, 2012

Dallas area Sikh leaders respond to shooting at Wisconsin temple - 33 KDAF-TV

Dallas area Sikh leaders respond to shooting at Wisconsin temple

Garland, Texasâ€"

Sunday's are important at the Sikh temple of North Texas in Garland. Not only is it a time for worship, but it's also a time for building bonds with others.

One of the core principals of the Sikh religion is non-violence.

That's why the shooting at a temple in Wisconsin is especially shocking.

"This is very sad. This is very bad.  This is very disappointing", said Temple President Manjit Singh Sahorta.

"This is a senseless killing and no motive can ever justify this amount of violence", said Temple Member Manmohan Singh.

Shortly after news of the shooting came in, members tried to contact friends in the area who attend the temple. They haven't had luck getting through.

"We just have pain for those families and what happened to them. We will help them as much as we can and we are all going to feel sad for them", said Temple Member Amir Singh Dhillion.

The Sikh community has about 10,000 members in the Dallas area. The temples are open and anyone is free to come in and worship with them.

But in light the shooting, they are now thinking about safety.

"It's a wakeup call. maybe we need to start thinking about how do we maintain a balance by keeping our doors open but at the same time protect ourselves, protect our members", said Manmohan Singh.

Temple leaders say they have already had calls from concerned families, but there is nothing they can tell them for now.

Temple leaders say the need to know more about this shooting such as was it isolated or part of part of a large plot before the determine how to proceed with security.

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