Thursday, August 16, 2012

Dallas gears up for 2024 Olympic bid - WFAA


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Posted on August 16, 2012 at 7:12 PM

DALLAS - Now that the London Olympics are in the rear-view mirror, there's talk of bringing the games to Big D in 2024.

And Matt Wood is the man behind the scenes, leading Dallas' Olympic bid for something 12 years away.

This is his fourth Olympic bid he's worked on around the world, including a previous bid for Dallas and a winning bid for Sydney, Australia.

"You know, everybody's got to dream it," Wood said. "That's part of the process. Seeing your city differently."

In addition to using Cowboys Stadium as a major venue, Wood's vision turns Fair Park and its large venues into an Olympic Village. He'd gut and expand the Cotton Bowl for track and field events.

Similar to London, there would be housing on site for 20,000 people. After the games, he'd convert the units to apartments.

"We think operations will be a few billion dollars,” Woods said. "This is a city that has that kind of means."

The bid itself costs a few million dollars of private money. He said the Olympic committee covers most of the major costs for the winning city.

But what about the weather? That’s what hobbled the last major event in North Texas, the Super Bowl. In the summer, the problem will be the heat.

"The heat is an issue," he said. "The Olympics are hot -- can be hot. Beijing was hot. Seoul was very hot."

No hurdle, it seems is too high, when you dream as big as Matt Wood.


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