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Ethiopian community mourns couple fatally shot in M Streets area - WFAA


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Posted on August 15, 2012 at 11:14 AM

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Dallas couple shot
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DALLAS - A Dallas couple was shot dead on the front porch of their home in the M Streets area in the 5700 block of Marquita Street. Sources tell News 8 it does not appear the couple was shot in a robbery attempt.

It happened just after midnight as Yayehyirad Lemma, 40, and Yenenesh Desta, 31, were getting home from working at their restaurant, Desta.

Sources said someone drove up, got out of the vehicle and shot the couple at close range. The person then fled the scene.

Family members said the couple had an 18-month-old baby who was not hurt in the shooting. The baby was in the house with other family members when the fatal shooting occurred.

Family and friends gathered Wednesday for traditional prayers at the couple’s church in Garland. It is a holy time for many Ethiopians. It's their Lent.

"I mean there's only one way, you pray together when this kind of thing happens to you," said Teddy Tadesse, a family friend.

Tadesse said he has no idea who would want to harm the couple. Their friends and family called them Lemma and Desta.

"He was shy, quiet," he said. "She was loving, generous, and very beautiful people. It's a big loss."

Dallas police are still searching for answers. 

"We don't have a motive at this time," said Sgt. Joe Garza, Dallas Police Department. "We know the individuals lived at that location and we are trying to follow up on leads we may have."
Police say they are still looking for surveillance video in the area.

Sources said robbery may not have been the motive. Nothing appears to be missing. 

Their restaurant, Desta, is an Ethiopian eatery located on Greenville Avenue near Forest Lane.

While it is Ethiopian tradition to be buried within three days of death, that will not be possible for the couple, since autopsies will need to be done and police continue to investigate.

So the community will pray every day until Lemma and Desta are laid to rest.


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