Saturday, August 25, 2012

Last minute vaccination rush, free clinic today - FOX 4 News

Dallas County health officials are frustrated by parents who waited until the last minute to get their children's immunizations updated and predict long lines at the health department on Monday when school starts.

Director Zack Thompson blamed Friday's long lines at the health department on procrastinating parents.

He's puzzled as to why some parents would wait when they've known about the requirements for months.

Since the health department is not open on weekends, hundreds of students are expected to line up outside the county's offices before school starts on Monday morning.

Children without current vaccinations will not be allowed to attend class.

However, there is at least one opportunity this weekend for children to get last-minute vaccinations.

Today, doctors are joining forces with county health workers and the Church of the Incarnation for a free back-to-school health fair

Among the services being offered: immunizations; an "ask the doctor booth"; and a bicycle safety course.

The health fair starts at 1PM at the Church of the Incarnation on McKinney Avenue in Dallas.

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