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Photos: Dallas breaks world record for Biggest Shaving Cream Pie Fight - Pegasus News

The pie fight lasted just a minute.

â€" Shaving cream globs were speckled all over Dallas’ AT&T Plaza, outside the American Airlines Center, Tuesday night. After 714 people shoved 1,428 shaving cream pies at one another, the participants were slammed with recognition: a Guinness Book of World Records title for Biggest Shaving Cream Pie Fight.

Clown Rudy Wollrabe (left) takes a pie in the face in demonstration of various pie-throwing methods.

Photo by Alexandra Olivia

Clown Rudy Wollrabe (left) takes a pie in the face in demonstration of various pie-throwing methods.

The pie fight was just a minute long â€" enough to break last year’s record of 684 pie fighters at Drake University in Iowa â€" but for most participants, their delight was all about the no-holds-barred minute of pie pleasure.

Fittingly, it’s International Clown Week August 1-7, an event inaugurated by President Richard Nixon in 1971. The shaving cream mess kicked off Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus’ annual visit to Dallas. It also afforded the young and young-at-heart to participate in a massive food fight designed to bring awareness to the charitable doings of clowns both here in Dallas and across the nation.

Clowns-a-plenty arrived in town with enough soap to make 2,000 homemade shaving creams pies. Before the short-lived fight, the official participants and hundreds of spectators gathered for the festivities in AT&T Plaza. Tents with face painting and other kid-friendly activities kept the kiddos delighted, and everywhere we turned, kids sported blue mouths from the free snowcones keeping participants cool in the searing Texas heat. Members of Ringling’s Clown Alley juggled, danced, and even beat-boxed their way across the stage.

Professional clown Andy shows off a pie waiting for action.

Photo by Alexandra Olivia

Professional clown Andy shows off a pie waiting for action.

Not to be confused with all the fun, the record-breaking event was serious business: Members had to pre-register, sign in, and wear numbered bibs. Each person was “clicked in” at the point of entry. And then the battle began, hundreds of Dallasites made a huge, soapy mess.

In addition to trumping the Drake University pie fight, the Dallas event was first time participants didn't use custard pies. They were banned from the competition because of concerns about food waste.

Guinness judge Sarah Wilcox confirmed that Dallas had in fact broken the world record, mostly to the clowns’ delight. Audience members seemed less enthused by the record itself and more excited to have been part of the pie-flinging mess.

In all, the evening wasn't only about clowning around. The clowns from the Lewisville Life and Fire Safety (LAFS) were on hand to “edu-tain” the crowd, teaching the kids about fire safety. And performers from the Funnyatrics program at Children’s Medical Center -- a therapeutic program designed to lift the spirits of patients at the hospital â€" entertained the young and young-at-heart.

“Clowning really is a true art, and in today’s society, we need laughter more than anything,” said Dustin Portillo, Ringling’s boss clown.

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