Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Premium Rush, Alps, 360 And Other Films Opening in Dallas This Weekend - Dallas Observer (blog)

Lots of Jude Law in 360.

Ever do a search for "movies opening this weekend" only to find that none of the good ones are actually playing in Dallas? We're here to save you from that disappointment.

Wednesday 8.22
Hit and Run - You've got the Wedding Crashers producers to thank for this summertime brain liquifier, also Dax Shepard, who writes, co-directs and stars next to Kristen Bell. Protagonist Charlie Bronson (already hilarious) is in the witness protection program. He falls in love a blonde (Bell) but fails to tell her about his past career as a professional asshole/bankrobber. Don't worry, she finds out when his old buddy gets out of jail and hunts them down in a series of high speed chases. Things to expect: sobbing babies, prematurely ejecting firearms and plot lines that read like a Choose Your Own Adventure.
Playing everywhere

Friday 8.24

360 - So this one's by the director of City of God and the screenwriter of Frost/Nixon and it stars a lot of sexy people... and also Anthony Hopkins. Their lives collide through strings of events and form a psychological thriller. More importantly, it's 110 minutes of Jude Law wearing shirts that require cufflinks. Hot.
Landmark Magnolia

The Apparition - I don't know, guys. It's another horror flick about humans manifesting evil spirits which then try to kill them based on their innermost, individual fears. So for me I guess I'd have to relive every terrible date I've ever gone on, at a reggae festival under the weight of a million work deadlines. Gross.
Playing everywhere

Alps - Greek director Yorgos Lanthimos steers this absurdist, arthouse tale. Alps is a secret organization of humans who are called in like temp agents to play the roles of the recently deceased for those who are unable to let go. An Alps performer might need to provide closure for a lover, a parent or a best friend, but he or she must operate within a very strict code of conduct. No sex. Don't change your appearance. Remain emotionally composed. But someone from the team has gone rogue. It's subtitled, so don't go super stoned.
Texas Theatre

The Last Ride -- It's a story of the final days of Hank Williams, as he's driven through the Appalachian countryside by a naive teen in the 1950s. It stars Henry Thomas, Jesse James and Fred Dalton, but don't go in expecting a roadhouse hellion Hank. This one's just scraping by. Variety is responsible for one of the film's few, positive reviews, calling it "leisurely paced and modestly entertaining." I wonder what their negative reviews sound like?
Angelika Dallas

Premium Rush -- This one's about a bike courier (Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Third Rock From the Sun) who's got to get a package across town in 80 minutes but faces friction with an antagonistic evil detective (Michael Shannon). There's also a love interest -- why? I don't know. Who's thinking about getting laid while being chased by crazies on a bicycle in New York City? Here's the deal: It was written and directed by David Keopp, who's been the pen behind Jurassic Park, Mission: Impossible and Spider-Man. He's also to blame for that Ricky Gervais flick, Ghost Town. This could go either way.
Playing Everywhere

2 Days in New York -- Julie Delpy has ditched her neurotic lover from the prequel 2 Days in Paris (Adam Goldberg) and is now living with radio personality Mingus (Chris Rock). Her French family comes for a visit and indie darling chuckles ensue. Golf claps all around.
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