Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Raiders of the Lost Ark coming to IMAX; shown in Dallas & Arlington - Fort Worth Star Telegram (blog)

MV5BMjA0ODEzMTc1Nl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwODM2MjAxNA@@._V1._SY317_For fans of Indiana Jones & Raiders of the Lost Ark, good news - there are no immediate plans to follow up on Indiana Jones & The Kingdom of the Crystal Paycheck. That could, however, change.

Since George Lucas & Steven Spielberg are both broke, they are going to release Raiders of the Lost Ark in IMAX; click here for the Spielberg Q&A with the New York Times.

Raiders will be released on Sept. 7 and the run will last one week.

This re-release of one of America's greatest adventure flicks will not be coming to the IMAX theater in Fort Worth. The film, however, will be coming to the greater Fort Worth/Dallas area.

Click here to find the IMAX theater where it will be shown; think Arlington & think Dallas.

In this interview with NY Times, Spielberg said there are no immediate plans for a fifth Indiana Jones.
He said: "It’s up to George (Lucas). So the person who needs to be thinking about it is George, not me. And I’ve given George my pledge that if he wants to write a fifth Indiana Jones movie, I’m his man to direct it. But it’s all up to him, and I don’t put any pressure on him. And if he decides that another one is warranted, I’ll be happy to direct it."

Harrison Ford is 70 years old. Seventy. S-e-v-e-n-t-y. And he looks great for his age. Fanastic. But Indiana Jones is a very physical role, and in Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls it looked as if Ford needed a stunt-double for something as simple as walking down a hallway.

If these three forces - Ford, Spielberg & Lucas - agree to make another one they better do it quickly. And they may as well make the fifth without even acknowledging the fourth existed. They all know it wasn't very good, and they cashed in on a generation of movie viewers' desires to take a shower in nostalgia.

The better alternative would be to re-cast the role around a younger man - go with Jon Hamm - and re-start the franchise with a series of individual films much in the way James Bond lives.

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