Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sixth Medicaid dental victim comes forward, police investigate - WFAA


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Posted on August 16, 2012 at 9:18 PM

Updated today at 11:33 PM

DALLAS -- Police are now investigating what's been happening with Medicaid dentistry in southeast Dallas.

Over a period of six months, six children each said they were paid $10 to get into an unmarked vans, taken to a southeast Dallas dental clinic called All About Dentistry, and drilled without their parents' permission.

The focus of this "recruiting" is a convenience store on St. Augustine, near a school bus stop where kids hang out during the summer and after school. There, the kids say, they were approached by a recruiter from All About Dentistry.

If you have knowledge of these or similar incidents, contact a Dallas police youth services detective at 214-671-4268.

Keke Gray, 17, took the $10 offer and was driven to the clinic in July. She said she was one of many.

"I had some friends who went to the convenience store before," she said. "And they picked them up at the store and went up there [to the clinic] and they got the ten dollars."

The clinic admits it employs recruiters to bring in new Medicaid patients, but will not reveal how much it pays for each new patient a recruiter brings in.

Gray already had braces on her teeth from another dentist when she said she was solicited by an All About Dentistry recruiter and taken to the clinic. Once there, she said, she was given gas, an injection, and then seven fillings in her teeth.

She said the receptionist at the clinic seemed to want to keep the Medicaid dental work a secret from Keke's parents.

"[The receptionist] said, 'You don't have those kind of parents who would come up here and complain or anything like that, right?,'" Keke explained.

Gale Allen is one parent who was livid that her son, Devon, was treated without her consent. It is against the law to treat a child without a parent's consent.

News 8 accompanied Mrs. Allen to the All About Dentistry office, which would not produce records of what was done to Devon Allen. That was a month ago.

Dr. Hamid Farahani, who owns the clinic, has still not produced the records of any of the children treated. Farahani told News 8 on the phone that his unmarked vans do pick up children from southeast Dallas neighborhoods.

One child's Medicaid records, obtained by News 8, show $2,000 worth of dental bills from All About Dentistry without parental consent.

Another parent, Regina Robertson, called 911 to complain to Dallas police when her sons were picked up by an All About Dentistry van. Patrolmen first told her she'd have to file a complaint downtown. That was earlier this month.

As of Thursday, the Dallas Police Department said it is determining what crime occurred. DPD is asking anyone who has knowledge of these incidents or similar incidents to call a Youth Services detective at 214-671-4268.


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