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SMU students fling 8000 snowballs in August heat - Pegasus News

Some students got to throw as many as 19 snowballs.

A group of SMU students prepare for the 2011 ONE28 snowball fight on the main quad of Dallas Hall.

Photo by Sidney Hollingsworth

A group of SMU students prepare for the 2011 ONE28 snowball fight on the main quad of Dallas Hall.

â€" In front of the historic Dallas Hall, students flocked to throw snowballs in hot summer weather.

SMU Christian ministry group ONE28 ordered 8,000 snowballs for the event. More than 400 people were in attendance â€" more than 19 snowballs per person.

“This event is a great way to show that ONE28 puts on great, fun events for the entire student body,” said Bree Berger, a general member of ONE28.

“As an organization, we aim to do exciting events that are good, clean fun. We hope to continue to host this event for the student body.”

When students arrived in the quad, ONE28 was handing out free tâ€"shirts of various colors. Each color represented a different team in the snowball fight.

Before throwing delivered snowballs ordered from a local Dallas company, students enjoyed free food like burgers, hot dogs, and chips.

“This is a really good event for the end of summer. It’s also really great way to meet other students,” said sophomore Faith Miller.

There were eight teams spread across the entire quad, with an emcee announcing when to start throwing as well as rev up the crowd of attendees.

ONE28 also had a game of human foosball going on during the event. More than 50 students participated in the bonding event.

“This is a clever idea to have a snowball fight in the first week of school because it got a lot of freshmen out here,” freshman Hannah Williams said. “ONE28 really got their name out there with this event.”

This was ONE28’s first event of the year, but it hosts other campus events throughout the year. One of its primary goals is to connect the student body.

The group will also be partnering with the SMU Athletic Department for the SMU v. Baylor game Labor Day weekend. Visit to get your tickets.

The football game will offer SMU students the opportunity to support the Mustangs in Waco.

“I am definitely interested in coming to more campus wide events now. This was a great experience,” sophomore Mehdi Hami said.

A first year who chose not to be identified was excited about the SMU experience.

“This is much better than anything I could have imagined. I think something like this could only happen at SMU.”

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