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Velvet Hammer, anyone?

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According to Michael Peticolas, Dallas is the priority. On a recent tour of Peticolas Brewing Company, in the heart of the Design District, master (and only) brewer Michael Peticolas elicited loads of cheers from about fifty beer nerds when he assured his patrons his goal was to create a local beer market.

Upon being asked whether he’s distributing to our fellow big Texas cities, Peticolas responded in the negative. “I’ve been driving to Houston and Austin to get their beer for years,” Peticolas said, “it’s about time they drive up here to get some of ours.”

That’s not to say the wildly popular Peticolas brews won’t eventually be enjoyed in cities throughout the country, rather that the priority is building a local market.

The first step of his process, which he is taking slowly and thoughtfully, is allowing the local consumers to choose which beers he brews year-round.

His beers are already well-known throughout the city with the Velvet Hammer, a very strong but delicious Imperial Red Ale, winning Peticolas’ designation as his first year-round brew. According to Peticolas, the verdict is still out on the other two beers he has in the local market; the Royal Scandal, a classic, English style Pale Ale and the Golden Opportunity, a German Style Kolsch. It’s too early to tell which ones are the city’s favorites, but it’s clear Peticolas is committed to giving the people what they want.

Apart from listening more than most producers, Peticolas is a hero for Dallas craft beer lovers in other ways. Until about a year ago Dallasites didn’t have a whole lot of choices when they wanted to drink local, none within city limits. Peticolas was one of several local and state beer lovers who were instrumental in getting the law changed so brewers could brew and package its beer within city limits.

Now the law has changed and Dallas is seeing a boom in local breweries as the city continues to become more beer-centric. Some of the credit no doubt goes to Peticolas and his commitment to giving Dallas good beer.

So next time you’re out ask for a Peticolas brew, you’ll be glad you did. And make sure to follow the guy on Twitter and Facebook, especially as he heads to the Great American Beer Festival, the mother of craft beer festivals, in October. He’s entering four beers into the competition and who knows, maybe he’ll come back an award-winner.

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