Sunday, September 2, 2012

Cab chaos follows Alabama-Michigan game - WFAA


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Posted on September 2, 2012 at 10:33 AM

Updated today at 6:21 PM

ARLINGTON â€" News 8 got an earful from fans following the Michigan-Alabama game at Cowboys Stadium Saturday night.

"They ought to be taking care of the people that are coming to Dallas stadium," said one irate Alabama partisan. "This is a little ridiculous! We have been sitting here for two hours and you see the line is all the way back there!"

She and her husband spent hours after the Michigan-Alabama game waiting for a cab that never came.

"You would think in Dallas, Texas, you would be able to get a cab after a college football game," she said.

Angry fans said officials at Cowboys Stadium told them North Collins Avenue and Cowboys Way was the designated spot to get a taxi.

"They told us when we came to this coliseum there'd be cabs out here, and when we came out, cabs would be lined up to take us," one Michigan fan said. "So far, it hasn't worked out."

By midnight, only a handful of cabs had showed up. And for the taxis that did, out-of-towners claimed they picked up passengers everywhere but the designated cab stand.

Michigan fan Elizabeth Jahn minced no words. "If there's a system, and this is where the fans are supposed to be stationed and situated, that should be communicated to the cab companies," she said.

Witnesses said even those who jumped the line got picked up, although Arlington police caught a group of passengers and ordered them to exit.

"Get out and get in line like everybody else," the officer barked, instructing the driver to follow the rules.

"Nothing's changed! Cab stand is still right there like it always has... let's go!" the officer said.

Cowboys Stadium Brett Daniels blamed local cab companies for the frustration. He said his office was aware the Cowboys Classic had sold 90,000 tickets, and had worked collaboratively with the Arlington Police Department, the City of Arlington and taxi operators to provide a safe and satisfying stadium experience.

Daniels said he and the City of Arlington will investigate why there were insufficient taxis, and work to correct the problem.

Rebecca Jahn says she would have walked to her hotel had that been possible. But when she returns to Michigan, she believes she'll find humor in the chaos.

"My family has come from three states to see this game... we already lost â€" that's bad enough!" she said.

News 8 attempted to contact several cab companies we saw on site. None had supervisors on duty to offer comment due to the holiday weekend.


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