Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Cowboys LB Sean Lee on Golden Tate's block: 'It's part of football' - Dallas Morning News (blog)

IRVING â€" Golden Tate’s jaw-rattling block that blindsided Cowboys linebacker Sean Lee continued to be discussed long after the blow was delivered by the Seattle receiver in the fourth quarter of the Seahawks’ 27-7 victory over Dallas on Sunday.

The play itself sparked so many questions. Was it legal? Was it Tate’s intention to injure Lee?  Would the NFL retroactively take punitive action? And how should the Cowboys have responded to Tate’s big hit? As for the man who was rocked by Tate, he’d just as soon forget about it.

“It’s one of those deals. It’s part of the game,” Lee said. “It’s part of football. The NFL will judge whether that’s legal or not. Whatever it is, I’ll deal with it. I’m on to the next game. I’m not worried about it. I’m more worried about how we can be better on defense, how we can improve from the mistakes we made.”

But others were more bothered by what happened, including tight end Jason Witten

“My biggest concern was for Sean and his health,” Witten said.

As it turned out Lee was fine. After Tate hammered him on a play in which Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson scrambled 14 yards and Cowboys linebacker Bruce Carter was flagged for unnecessary roughness, Lee went to the sidelines before returning to the field soon thereafter. But while Lee seemed ready to move past the incident, others weren’t as quick to do so. When asked about it Monday, head coach Jason Garrett said the “the league does a really good job addressing these things.” He also added he was happy his team didn’t retaliate even though it would have been an instinctual reaction to do so.

“You obviously want to compete, you want to have each other’s backs,” Garrett said. “But you also have to have poise and composure.”

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