Friday, September 7, 2012

Cowlishaw: What DeMarco Murray did that hasn't been done since Dorsett - Dallas Morning News

Columnist Tim Cowlishaw answered questions in a chat Thursday. Here are some highlights.

Comment From Tomba ... Dallas sacked Manning 3 times last night. Of those, how many were "coverage sacks?"

Tim Cowlishaw: Having trouble remembering each one, I know one by Ware was certainly what you would call a "coverage" sack. But the other one by Ware was typically great rush from him.

Comment From Ted ... Aikman would have been sacked 8+ times last night. Will Romo ever get the credit he deserves?

Tim Cowlishaw: Not until this team is playing in mid-January. Or later.

Comment From stan ... When the giants scored in 4q, I said here we go once more. If romo hadn't converted that big 3rd down, do you think giants would have scored and tied game?

Tim Cowlishaw: I would say no. Obviously that's just a guess and I realize they had two minutes. But they would have been out of timeouts, and just had had a lot of trouble making any catches down the field.

Comment From Wade ... The run game really seemed to open up as soon as Romo got the passing game going, with Murray and company really wearing down the Giants in the 2nd half. Wouldn't it make sense to attack most defenses this way going forward as opposed to trying to open the passing game by running the ball early?

Tim Cowlishaw: I thought the run game opened up when Garrett stopped giving the ball to Vickers on fourth-and-one and gave it to Murray the rest of the night.

Comment From stan ... I thought murrays 48 yd run was a turning point, it seemed to just suck the air out of the giants. One of the best runs from a cowboy back in a long time. Your take on murray?

Tim Cowlishaw: Unbelievable run, a play that maybe got lost in the shuffle a bit with Ogletree's career night and Austin's big finish. Haven't seen a Cowboys back even capable of trying something like that since maybe Dorsett. No, I'm not forgetting Emmitt, but that kind of changing directions twice wasn't really his style.


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