Monday, September 10, 2012

Kim Knights relies on her own motivation plus that of others - Dallas Morning News

Some people stick to a training program just fine on their own. Through years of working out, Kim Knights, 46, of Addison has learned that she … doesn’t. So she makes sure to schedule workouts with trainers or friends, which keeps her motivated and in shape.

How and why into fitness: I’m sort of like a carbonated drink. Not working out is like shaking a Coke can, and all the carbonation builds up wanting to explode. That may be why my sweet husband always asks me if I worked out today and gives a little sigh of relief when I say yes!

Fitness routine: Karate and kickboxing two or three times a week, plus a private session with my instructor. I also ride my bike with him once or twice a week, teach a kids’ karate class on Thursdays, and have started jogging again.

Favorite way to spend a 30-minute workout: I’ll do a set of 50 kettle-bell swings, planks and a simple movement called the “cat vomit,” which sounds horrible but it’s great! It works every inch of your abs.

If I could own 10 pairs of one kind of shoe, I’d choose: I do and they’re Keens.

Favorite indulgence: Red wine.

Favorite healthy food: Roasted broccoli, Brussels sprouts and any other veggie in my fridge. I use a little olive oil, salt and pepper, and bake at 350 degrees.

Biggest obstacle to overcome: I can always find something in my schedule to keep me from getting to the workout. It’s my real weakness. To deal with it, I always have someone ride with me or I schedule the workout with a trainer or running group. I won’t do it if it’s just me.

Proudest fitness moment: When I got my black belt in February, 2001. I just got my second-degree black last December. However, my 10-year-old daughter just got her orange belt and placed third in sparring at her first karate tournament. That runs a close second!

Fitness goals: I’m pretty fit internally. I’ve got a good machine and I’m strong. However, I have a Stay Puft marshmallow suit I’m always trying to shed. That keeps me very motivated.

Fitness inspirations: My karate instructor, Jeff Overturf, and Diane Proud, who died last September from ALS. She started as my trainer and became my friend. She too was a fighter.

What you’d tell someone who wanted to follow your routine: You can do it! Because I always need a partner in crime, I’m always recruiting. I tell the truth: I’m very slow. I’m not TV-pretty in my karate but I move my body and you can too.

How your workout defines you: My workouts reflect my personality. I like intensity. I like to hit something, so karate and boxing are perfect for me. I like speed, so that’s why the bike is my cardio of choice. I like to sweat and if I’m not dripping wet, I don’t feel like I worked out.

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