Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Last Saturday, Dallas ISD police booted YMCA football teams from Marsh Middle ... - Dallas Morning News (blog)

YMCA football teams and parents at Marsh Middle School on Saturday got a surprise visit from Dallas ISD police during a game.

DISD police officers showed up, said the teams weren’t authorized to play there and told them to leave, says Sarah Byrom, spokeswoman for YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas. But it was all a misunderstanding, caused by new wording in a new contract between the YMCA and DISD to allow for teams to play on the district’s athletic fields.

Byrom said that the Town North Family YMCA recently renewed its deal with DISD to use Marsh’s fields and didn’t notice that the new contract only allowed for teams to practice there. That’s why DISD police showed up Saturday when two teams met for the first game of the year.

Dallas ISD has apologized, Byrom said, and district officials were writing a new contract Tuesday to allow for Town North YMCA teams to play on the field, too.

“We have a 20-plus year relationship with DISD on those fields, and they said that it was an oversight in the contract,” Byrom said. “On Saturday, they will be playing back on that field.”

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