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Same man may be responsible for two sexual assaults - WFAA



Posted on September 10, 2012 at 5:48 PM

Updated today at 6:14 PM

DALLAS â€" New details released Monday by the Dallas Police Department regarding a sexual assault at an M Streets area residence draw similarities to another that occurred one week earlier off Gaston Ave.

Police aren't saying whether it's the same man, but descriptions of the attack do contain parallels, spurring Councilwoman Angela Hunt, who represents the district where both of the assaults occurred, to tell constituents to stay alert.

"We need to remind everyone to be safe particularly right now, don't open the doors to anyone you don't know and we'll be getting the word out to residents," she said.

The M Streets assault occurred in a residence along a bright stretch of 5800 Martel, just east of Greenville Avenue.

Police said the victim opened her door when a man knocked. He then forced his way in with a gun and sexually assaulted her. He tied her up and stole beer from her refrigerator before fleeing. 

One week earlier at an apartment complex in the 5400 block of Gaston, police say a man with a gun knocked on a woman's door. She opened it and he forced his way in. She was then raped and robbed.

This was also in Hunt's district.

"It appears to be the same assailant. What we have to remind everyone right now in particular is women should not open their doors to anyone they don't know,” Hunt said.

Police aren't saying if the attacks are linked.

But the department did release a more detailed description of the attacker in the Martel assault.  A release described him as: 

"Latin male, approximately 21 years of age, 5’5”, 140 lbs, (skinny), with spiked 1” black hair and brown eyes with tattoos on the right arm. The suspect was wearing shiny black shoes, green shirt, blue jeans and large diamond earrings. Possible name of Jose."

Police told News 8 the attacker in the Gaston rape is also a Hispanic male. 

Neighborhood activists such as Avi Adelman of the Belmont Neighborhood Association along Greenville Ave. are spreading the word. 

"We have social media, we have the Internet, we have blogs, everybody knows what's going on and the people who care, the crime watch people, the community neighborhood people, they're getting the word out,” Adelman said.


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