Friday, September 14, 2012

Sorry, AA fleet service clerks, I didn't mean to cut your pay - Dallas Morning News (blog)

I got a call from a fleet service clerk at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport who said that his fellow employees are very upset. They had read my story that they were getting a 2 percent pay cut.

Well, I apologize. You’re not getting a 2 percent pay cut, even though the document labeled “Ratified Contract” on the website said you were getting a 2 percent pay cut on date of signing.

Here’s what happened. The pay cut was in the May tentative agreement that fleet service employees approved. In late June, American negotiated a contract with pilots that was better than the contract with fleet service clerks and other TWU units.

That triggered a “me-too” clause in the ratified TWU deals. TWU and AA negotiators went back and worked a better deal for the five TWU units that had already approved their tentative agreements.

As part of that, the 2 percent pay cut was eliminated. However, the “Ratified Contract” document on was not updated. I didn’t realize that. So I relied on that document when I wrote a story Thursday afternoon for Friday’s Dallas Morning News.

“It’s like Libya down here,” the fleet service clerk said, speaking of the unhappiness the story had caused on the ramp.

I’m sorry. American employees have enough stress and bad news without me adding to it.

The story is now changed online, and I’ve asked for a correction in Saturday’s print edition.

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