Wednesday, September 12, 2012

'The X Factor' is back with a funny, compassionate Demi Lovato and a ... - Dallas Morning News (blog)

Britney Spears on the premiere episode of The X Factor. (FOX)

When the first season of The X Factor closed I was very doubtful on what would happen with the show. Not long after that the cast started dropping like flies with judges Paula Abdul, Nicole Scherzinger and host Steve Jones getting the boot. Then the news about the show started to get exciting especially with the announcement that superstar Britney Spears would be joining Simon and L.A. Reid at the judges table. The fourth judging spot was filled by Dallas’ own Demi Lovato in an attempt to capture the younger audience. The hosting spot will now be filled by two people according to Simon Cowell. We still don’t know who the hosts will officially be but there’s still some time for the live rounds, that’s when the host(s) actually get to work. Rumors say that Cowell wants Khloe Kardashian. God help us! At least is not Kim.

On tonight’s premiere episode we got to see a different show. One of the first things to notice was how much time was given to showing the performers behind the scenes. The aspiring singers were shown either blabbing about how great they are and how horrible others were or just preparing for their performance. I think it made the show run smoother. It was also good to see how different auditions were meshed together in order for the viewer to see the contrast between a great audition and a very bad one.

At first I doubted Britney could endure such an undertaking but I was pleasantly surprised. Britney is bringing to the X Factor what many judges fail to bring to their judging, she’s not afraid of telling contestants: “You are not good, do something else.” Yes, there are things to work on but I think she could really shine in here. The best thing regarding Britney is that her hair and face get better through the show, according to photos from the audition cities at least. Fingers crossed.

Demi Lovato hugs contestant Jillian Jensen after her audition on the premiere episode of the X Factor season 2. (FOX)

Our girl Demi Lovato had her time to shine not necessarily by being mean but by doing the total opposite. One of the last contestants of the night, Jillian Jensen, shared her story about being bullied in junior high which prompted Lovato to tell her: “The bullies that bullied us, they’re at home watching us on TV.” Even Simon Cowell got a little emotional when after the audition the Dallas singer left her judging seat and rushed to the stage to show her support to the contestant who also happened to have a “Stay Strong” tattoo like Lovato.

Overall, the show was solid, enjoyable and gave us a good idea of what is to come. One of the worst things a TV show can do is feel like an episode lasted 12 hours; this didn’t feel like it.

What did you think of the second season premiere of The X Factor?

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