Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Writer: Why new CBA could force Stars to pay a lot more for Jamie Benn - Dallas Morning News

Nothing is certain when it comes to the players and owners coming to an agreement and keeping the 2012-13 season on track. One thing that is certain, however, is this: Jamie Benn could be in for a huge payday from the Stars if the league gets its way and a new CBA is put in place.

According to SI.com's Allan Muir, the Stars would have to pay a lot more for Jamie Benn under a new CBA that wouldn't honor the "full value of previously signed deal."

Here's what it means for the Stars and Benn:

Here's the twist: now that it's known that the league wants a CBA that won't honor the full value of previously signed deals, there's no reason for Benn to sign any time soon unless he's given an even higher AAV to protect him when escrow claws back 15-20 percent of every deal. Or he could threaten to hold out when play resumes, knowing that a team struggling to regain its footing in the Dallas market can't afford the negative optics of starting a delayed season with its franchise player on the sidelines.

Needless to say, this isn't the news owner Tom Gaglardi wanted to hear with a lockout looming. Muir noted in his article that the Stars were hoping to sign Benn to a "bridge contract," "an intermediate deal between his bargain-basement entry-level deal and striking it rich," which is exactly what Loui Eriksson and James Neal received.

But if the new CBA is put in place, the Stars would likely be left to pay full boat for Benn or potentially lose him to a team with deeper pockets.

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